Customer Comments & Reviews

You know what it’s like: you walk into a store, unsure of what you want, you have zero time, and then the worst one even says hello and acknowledges you! This makes me crazy, and I know it drives you nuts too. I hear this all the time, so let’s start helping other women know shopping doesn’t have to be like this.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

THAT is our goal when you come into SOS, below are some comments we've recently received and wanted to share with you:


"Hello! I just wanted to thank all the ladies who were working today as i attempted to shop with my almost 4 year old. The girls were so helpful in keeping her entertained while helping me pick some amazing styles as i prepare to go back to work after mat leave. I left feeling super supported and excited about my new shoes. Not every store makes you feel great, and you guys did it so thanks again!"

"I always know that if I need a special outfit for any occasion, if it may be anything from walking around town comfortably to a night out, S.O.S. always has my back!
There are sooo many accessories, shoes and beautiful fashion all in one store.
S.O.S. Fashion Shop is literally my dream closet and I will continue to waltz into the shop forever🥂"       @boho_fab

"@saveoursoles isn’t just a shop, it’s a community. I moved 2 hours away and live in a fashion district but will come back to buy my clothes and shoes because it feels like home. The looks are expertly curated by Shelby and her staff to emphasize on trend fashion and fun. I want to be amongst friends who care about connecting with me AND helping me look fabulous ❤️."        @marichmo

"I have not only had the pleasure of shopping at SOS & Plush, but also working there. B is one of the most badass, amazing, driven boss babes I’ve ever had the privilege of working for. Not only is their inventory just THE most amazingly curated collections, the vibe in all of the stores is truly unbeatable. As a young university student, still dumb and awkward at times, I always felt like I had family in PTBO. The best part? I feel like I always will. you👏are👏the👏best. ❤️"                     @amalia_g

"...But I cannot imagine our downtown without SOS. Everyone that works there is so lovely and it feels like your shopping with your girlfriends."        @kellieb40