Whether you're heading back to high school or onto post-secondary education, I think we probably know one thing, you want to show up in style, am I right? Of course you do!! You want to make a great first impression on your teachers (of course!) & your fellow students...plus you want to feel good. Going back to school is the pits, summer is totally where it's at, but school is inevitable & let's be honest, back to school shopping is the best part! I sometimes participate in 'back to school' shopping because it's my favourite time of year & well, any excuse to shop!
So, let's get started...here's a list of some of our favourites for back to school & some outfit inspiration.
Keds have been a solid back-to-school must have for years, the reason being is that they're comfortable & easy to wear - which is exactly the laid-back vibe you want when you're headed back to school.
We like that they can be worn with pants, but just as easily with a skirt or dress!
Of course we also love Converse. If you've ever worn Cons before, you know how comfy they are, especially once you break them in. Most people I know who wear Cons, sometimes find it hard to wear anything else because they're just that rad. 
We have both low & hi-top Converse in store.
Hunter Boots are essential for Fall & for those wet days where you want to remain stylish but also dry.
No matter what style of shoe you're looking for, we're here to help! Our new Fall goods are arriving daily too so there's lot's of fresh cuteness for you to see! It's a great time of year & we love helping you achieve the look you want so pop by for a visit!